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Welcome to HRA of New York City!!!

NYC's herpes support group ...

Updated For 2017

HRA Meetings



Hi Folks Please join us at our meeting. Our new location is at Franciscan Community Center 214 West 97th Street, between Amsterdam & Broadway, New York, NY 10025, the 2nd Friday of the every month. We meet from 7pm-9pm. There's a bell at the front door to be let in. Once in the building, make a quick left, walk downstairs to conference room # 1. Continuing the meeting will be contingent on our meeting our rent payments. We pay $125.00 per meeting. Please make any contributions to the paypal account at or give at the meetings. The only way we can keep this place is by meeting our rent. Attendance is usually 10-15 people with a broad age range. We usually get several new attendees every week. We've all been at the situation of going to our first meeting, not knowing what to expect, and feeling apprehension. I can assure you that we are a friendly, down to earth group of people who try to make the experience as beneficial and welcoming as possible. We have a lot of experience running support group meetings for herpes. Donations will be collected at the meeting.

The 2017 Schedule: Friday March 10th, Friday April 7th, Friday May 12th, Friday June 9th, Friday July 14th, Friday August 11th, Friday September 8th, Friday October 13th, Friday December 8th. For more information, write to



Herpes Social Events...


New York City Friends, is a social group serving the HSV community of the New York area and beyond. The group is run independently of HRA. To keep up to date on New York City Friends please join one of the related Yahoo Groups. One is located


Email to receive reminders of functions and events. Meet others who are diagnosed with herpes. As always remember socials are not a place to discuss H. However for exact details please reference the three yahoo group message boards that are listed in this section. Also there are other events run through social media sites. .

Social events are usually held more than once per month. Directions and times can be found on the reminders and on social media sites. Email to receive reminders of functions and events. Please join some of the yahoo group message boards mentioned here. Just cut and paste the exact links into your browser. One was mentioned above and there are two more below which will help those interested to find dates and locations of social events.

One of the city's first group message board which may be of interest to individuals with herpes is

Another group message board which may be of interest especially for those in New Jersey is