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Welcome to HRA of NYC!!!

NYC's only weekly support group for people with herpes...

What's New:

Weekly HRA Meetings










Our meetings are held every Wednesday from 8PM to 9:30PM at Cabrini Medical Center, Room 436, 227 East 19th Street (between Second and Third Avenues) in Manhattan. All meetings are free, although donations are always appreciated. Check our calendar for upcoming events (social and educational), the about us section for info on HRA and our links section for herpes related sites

For more information, call the H.R.A. Hotline at 212-501-6548 or write to




SILVER LINING NEWS, is a FREE quarterly newsletter serving the HSV and HPV community of the Northeastern U.S. and beyond. It's 10 pages of news articles, interviews, personal stories, group and event listings, information, personal ads, etc. You can get your FREE copy one of 3 ways: 1. Pick one up at any HRA, New York HELP or Long Island HELP meeting 2. Email requesting to be sent the newsletter as a Word document (NO rtf, pdf or WP files can be sent to you, sorry!) 3. Send a self-addressed, letter-sized, stamped envelope (#10 letter-size, with regular 34-cent postage stamp) to:

Silver Lining News
c/o LINY Friends
P.O. Box 1321 Long Beach, NY 11561

Silver Lining News also accepts submissions from readers. If you want to send in an article you clipped from a paper or magazine or found on the Web, or if you want to send in a personal ad, a group or event listing, a letter, or something you're written (it could be anything herpes-related or HPV-related: your story, a poem, a rant, a joke, a drawing, etc.) please send it to the above address, or email it to

Silver Lining News is strictly confidential. Your name and address will remain private and will not be disclosed or distributed to anyone.